The Scottish Open is a 6 Weapon Open fencing event held annually in Scotland's beautiful capital of Edinburgh. Open means it is open to anyone, from any club or country aged over 13 on the day of the event. 6 weapon means that there are competitions in all three fencing disciplines (foil, epee and sabre) for both men and women.


The event has been held in many different venues since its inception in the 1970s including Stirling University and (most recently) Meadowbank Sports Centre in Edinburgh. We were then hosted at the Oriam facilty at Heriot Watt University. We are now moving more into the city center at the University of Edinburgh Pleasance Gym, conveniently located in the center of Edinburgh close to the Waverly Train Station.


Why should I take part?

The event is run by Scottish Fencing, the national governing body for the sport in Scotland. It is our flagship event and therefore the one where we go to significant effort to present the sport as well as we can. The level in the final stages is understandably high, but fencers of all ages and abilities are very welcome and you will enjoy a very friendly atmosphere. The format is one round of poules followed by direct elimination but we always attempt to run secondary events where possible.



As a spectator this is one of the best opportunities you will get in Scotland to see the sport so well presented and competed at a high level. You will see many of the top fencers from Scotland and GB including many Commonwealth medallists. It is free to attend and we would recommend coming along around 2pm with finals and medal matches starting between 3 and 4pm.


We will publish the full Event Schedule and Entry Information soon